Monday, 11 January 2010

Uniforms and Horses - Again

I have just recommended this Armstrong and Miller clip to 'wimpy cat blogger' (except he's definitely not)  rurritable after he said he was startled by how big Liverpool police horses were.  See his post featuring a classic Beatles  video with old green buses (destination 'Penny Lane') and some big horses here.

We all know I can barely ride a horse but somehow they keep trotting onto my blog.  No apologies for yet another of my four-legged friends or for some more gorgeous  Armstrong and Miller whose classic RAF sketch I brought to you not long ago.


  1. Hilarious, Rose. But I can tell that horse really does want that Polo.
    One of the folks we purchased hay from this year told us his kids would give their horses lifesavers or buttermints and the horses had taken to ripping their pockets off.
    Mules assess a situation with their lips first, so you have time to step away with your lapels slobbery, but intact.

  2. Oh, Rose. Absolutely brilliant! It's a yeigh! Is that a yay or a neigh? Priceless and I'm going to be giggling about this all damned day on my field trip with students.


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