Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Dogs' B******S

Don't you sometimes wonder why we do it?

Thanks to the cartoonist Gregory.


  1. hahahahahhaha - that's brilliant! x

  2. Frequently. Partly to satisfy my own needs - to think, and be creative; this part is self-fulfilling, in that it is necessary to think to be creative. It's immensely satisfying to research subjects in which one has an interest, nay even passion.

    And of course it's partly to encourage debate, or commentary, so that one can learn from others' knowledge, or viewpoint.

    The process can be maddeningly frustrating when there is little or no response to a post. But as has been written before, it is often nicer to read a comment, however uninformed, or disagreeable, than not to read anything at all. I think some bloggers are very selfish; particularly those who have large readerships. They take that for granted, and rarely visit others' sites, or leave comments.

    The reaction to frustration is to take a break. I usually find that stimulates the "writer's block".

  3. Darling, that is beyond our ken.

    Sincerely yours,

    Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden, BIll Pertwee, Douglas Smith.

  4. ALL OF YOU, thank you! I guess you are the reason I carry on. xxx Rosie

  5. Rose, I looked up her work, so interesting, it reminds me of an early Balthus, who is one of my fabourties. The subtle colours, the harsh edges, the cat....
    I found myself home to Pairs at Christmastime, just after he had died, and the Pompideau had a large room dedicated to him....
    Never had I seen some much glorious Balthus in one spot. I drooled.... Several times the guard had to ask me to move along, yet still I came back to the forms and colours of hand-mixed pigments that spoke volumns and conveyed centuries of history
    I realize now that i have heard of this artist, but have not investigated her as well as I should. I resolve to do so .
    Thank you for the reference and image....!

  6. Talitha, so glad you liked the Paula Rego painting. I see it was called The Policeman's Daughter.. I got it slightly wrong. Balthus, ahh, wonderful. Dodgy subject matter sometimes but what a great painter.


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