Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I confess x 7

Many thanks to my supportive and generous blogging chum little augury for nominating me as one of her seven 'Kreatives'. This chain reaction in our galaxy of the blog universe is about to go critical as we all cite each other. Just as I was about to nominate The Blue Remembered Hills, Blue asked if he could nominate me. ahhh. For this reason, and being the killjoy I tend to be, I am only playing half the game by not passing on the baton. Meanwhile, I've been scratching my head to find the seven least incriminating things to say about myself.

I keep buying classical white china urns on ebay. And had an expensive Fornasetti habit.

I once said to the Duke of Edinburgh ‘Sir, you must have the most superb upper body strength.’

I have a hideously addictive personality and have wasted many hours of my life playing computer games. I once made a list of ‘A Hundred Better Things to Do Than Play Snood’. I badly need to do that again.

My style icon remains Jacqueline Kennedy (as opposed to Jackie O) since I like structure.

I like cryptic crosswords
My favourite clue was HI JKLMNO (5 ) the answer being water (H20)
I’m probably a bit of a smartass.

Before I was married I worked in the English law courts as a shorthand writer (stenographer)
My worst moment was having to read back all the evidence of a young woman who had been sexually assaulted by her employer, an elderly optician. It was deeply embarrassing.

I tend to feel very uncomfortable around diagonal stripes. Love diamonds and trellis work.


  1. if you like Ms Stewart at all- you could say 7 good things! You seem to have recovered from the dreadful flu? My only disappointment is you did not mentioned- how you love the indiscriminate use of !'s I am tickled that you own up to being a bit of a smartass- I know it becomes you. Love the picture of Lady Rose & I would expect nothing less than some cheeky conversation with the Duke.GT

  2. So, what was the Duke's reply, or is that under the Official Secrets Act? BTW nice pearls.

  3. oh no, Blue, I was afraid somebody might as me that. Well, he never makes things easy and didn't on this occasion. "Why would you say that?"
    I suppose that's a reasonable answer in fact. But I think he was secretly pleased. Must have been! I stumbled on about his carriage driving.

    la - thank you!!!!!!! Love your new thumbnail. You never cease to surprise.

  4. How brave of of you admit an addiction to Snood.

    I must sheepishly raise my hand on that one, too!


  5. Oh Judith, I 'm not alone out there! I really appreciate you owning up too.
    Many thanks. Rosie

  6. MS is known for her "good thing"-must be a US thing-your & are good things. Oh and I love those buttons-Did you daughter take this photo. G

  7. A cheeky smart ass who is sometimes cryptic. Sounds like fun to me!!!!! Using !!!! is liberating because my whole career in publications the !!!!! was a NO NO NO. And I don't one can have enough classic white urns.

  8. Your linked within is Brilliant.


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