Friday, 2 October 2009

Five Minutes of Fame In The Background

About 18 months ago I worked on a film called The Other Man
starring Liam Neeson, Antonio Banderas and Laura Linney as a shoe designer. I provided lots of shoe drawings and sketchbooks for the set dressing. I wrote about it here a while ago, wondering if the film would hit the big screen. Now it has, phew!

I have gone over all images I could find of the film with a microscope and found evidence that I wasn't consigned to the cutting room floor after all. Don't laugh, here they are:

The Shoe Shop wallpaper!

Artwork © Rosie West 2009


  1. Rosie, I've liked the pink-&-green glamour gal since I first saw her, but the shoe wallpaper is a real beauty! In addition to your cool design ability, you've got a killer color sense. That design should go into real-life production.

  2. Rose- I agree, the wallpaper is wonderful. I agree about its real life production potential. Congratulations. G

  3. Thank you la. Looks as if I'm on a roll ho ho.

  4. Well, finally the other shoe dropped! What fun! It think this paper would be wonderful. Just think you've been on a roll. Now you could be pasted! Great work.

  5. Love the wallpaper! Congrats!!!!

  6. Rosie, very beautiful wallpaper - it has all the grace of a 50's end paper. What a delight! Good pun, too.

  7. thrilled with everyone's kind remarks. Trouble is, I haven't a commercially savvy bone in my body and hopeless about marketing myself.

  8. LOVE love the wallpaper!!
    Do you know Gina at Purdy Wallcovering?
    Perhaps she could help ... .


  9. Rose, I love that wallpaper! Just think how wonderful it would be if one couldn't afford many expensive shoes . . . at least one could have wallpaper!

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Thanks Teresa. I tend to draw the things I want.. saves buying them!

  11. I did a post on you today for wallpaper wed.
    Congrats and I am thrilled for you this is BIG!!!!

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