Monday, 1 June 2009

Entertaining One's Pals

I got a bit squiffy the other day and invited a host of my chums to help me embrace my next decade 'with insouciance and style'. I failed to think through the catering arrangements or what will happen if rain stops play in the garden so I am leaving things to the Fates and hoping they'll be kind.

Here are some possible strategies for having a good time, most of which I've had to discount unfortunately. (Like hiring a band of wandering musicians/minstrels)

Lavender umbrellas and someone to serve the drinks

Inviting celebrities of the order of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh

Setting up discreet corners for flirting and gossip (This incidentally is Mrs. Gerald Legge who would one day become Raine Countess Spencer, Princess Diana's stepmother)

Finding creative solutions to the table's centrepiece

Asking beautiful people and letting them just chill out

Borrowing a tapestry for the party mis en scene

Classing things up with the odd debutante

Allowing people to feel at ease (under a Goya portrait destined to reside in the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Or simply inviting everyone to pay homage at a levée

All these images taken from Slim Aarons: Once Upon A Time pub. Getty Images and Harry N Abrams Inc New York, 2003


  1. Hilarious! Great pictures to illustrate your points.

  2. Slim knew how to capture an elegant moment ... .
    and knew all the "odd" debutantes.
    Love this post!


  3. Thanks Girls. My party is hovering on the edge of a debacle, yikes.

  4. I would LOVE that party. Tony Curtis and the odd debutante... may the fates smile on your party and your new decade.

  5. I think the last pic is the one. That tray!
    Hilarious post ma; you must get help in for the 10th, MUST!

    W x

  6. Absolutely AAL! I'm beginning to want to take to my bed now I've
    realised how much work I've let myself in for.

  7. That last one screams Lady Montdore in "Love In a Cold Climate" by Nancy Mitford. "All this, Fanny."

  8. Thanks Washington Cube. I'm delighted to be reminded of a book I read many years ago. I must revisit it.


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