Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Are We Under-Dressed on the Beach these days?

I've always been a one-piece bathing costume sort of a girl. Can't even bear to call it a swimsuit. Tell me this isn't a lot chicer than a series lycra triangles spliced and strung together?
Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but fabulous textiles

Oh oh oh, Oklahoma meets my favourite dress from South Pacific

What a gorgeous collaboration between United States Rubber and the milliner

This look would definitely work today

Stunning, modest simplicity

Perhaps a bit on the complicated side and the hoods a little dodgy?

Total elegance for a game of beach rummy

From 50s Fashion Style 1 Beach & Sumer P.I.E Books 1997


  1. I agree totally. Much more elegant. And much more forgiving.

  2. Thanks AAL. I think the forgiving nature of these styles should not be under-estimated!

  3. Don't forget Little Edie and her swimming atire at Grey Gardens...

  4. Mmm, am having a gingham moment - your Oklahoma number is very snappy, although I would have to add straps. In addition to the matching parasol, Joan Crawford would have had matching plastic-covered shoes and a turban.

  5. Graysonfavour, you got it! I knew these pics reminded me of someone.
    EEE, I love that image of Joan Crawford.
    la, glad you agree. this is all very encouraging!

  6. Congratulations for your nice blog, nice work, love-love retro beach!!! Greetings from Brasil!

    Foquinha/Ilhas Galápagos ;)


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