Saturday, 14 July 2012

Put the F back into Fashion

Fashion, by Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator), is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike.

F is for Fun!

And  could be for Fed Up today with  Fashion's  aesthetic of  sick circus ponies
strutting balefully down the runway ?  I have no idea why Fashion takes itself so seriously and models in  Fabulous clothes must  look so totally tired of life.  

Oh to inject a little Vintage Verve into the whole game..


  1. Although I am far from an expert in Fashion, I thought the orange lady's suit (with different shoes) would still be stylish today. And I could use a swim cap with bangs.

  2. I'm torn between buying the "Top Notch" and the "Fringe". At least the latter would supplement my own. Decisions, decisions!

  3. TDC and Columnist - Thank you for your healthy interest in what might be a new genre, swimcap porn.

    And it suddenly occurred to me that the puppeteer must have been having rather an interesting time down there.

  4. I remember how excited I was when our pool finally decreed we could swim without caps, except when racing.


  5. Hi Meg, I only remember one public pool that decreed swim caps and thought it most unjust. What I remember more is that our unheated open-air pool at
    school was open for business when it got to 60 deg. F three days running! I loved it but for many, suffering a compulsory lesson it was a complete nightmare.

  6. Have I got shoes for you
    scroll down

  7. Ruby!! I can see you many of them darling. x


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