Friday, 29 April 2011

A Bit of a Mystery..

Why was Princess Beatrice looking like a Cretan fertility goddess at the Royal Wedding?

Mais quel dommage!  because her really beautiful Valentino couture dress and coat were daftly eclipsed by the headpiece.  

Personally, I'd shoot a few milliners pour encourager les autres starting with the massively over-rated Philip Treacy.  This is what he did to Princess Eugenie (wearing a curious blue historicist number by Vivien Westwood)

and  to the Duchess of Cornwall.   (Where is she?) Once again, the ensemble is overwhelmed/cancelled out by the hat.  But I tell you what, she makes a fantastic Farrow & Ball paint chart.

Uh oh, socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson also falls for a Treacy art installation.  As this is a family publication I probably won't go any further.

Call me old fashioned... or call me something worse.


  1. Thoroughly agree with you Beatrice's Hat looks like an Antique Picture Frame popped on head :)

  2. Thank you Jacki. I've seen it referred to as a pretzel and a door knocker!

  3. Rosie, I defer to you-of the realm. I keep holding my hand here- over the hat, there-over the eyes( Beatrice's not mine). I mentally remove the eye make-up( that helps), I remove the hat-I push the hat back, tip it to the side, remove the center oval, set the bow portion loops to her head and ties -& here and there. I just can't get it right.

  4. Princess Beatrice's "Cretan fertility goddess" look, as you cogently put it, was deliberate. Any measure to ensure the Royal line of succession is fair game in these times

    Enjoyable post,


  5. Hello:
    We have delighted in all of this and love the [dreadful] pictures.

    But this may be because we could not by a stitch, Treacy's or anyone else's for that matter, be considered Royalists. In fact, to date, we have seen nothing of it apart from what has appeared in the blogosphere and this, largely ignored.

    Why is it that the Duchess of Cornwall appears not to realise that as her hair becomes greyer [and no problem with that] the very light Farrow and Ball [superb description] colours make her look completely washed out?

    And such large feet, we think!!

  6. la - yes, it could all have been saved somehow. These two young women could have done with some guidance before being pilloried, sadly, in the media.

    Barima - I like your take on the fertility rites!

    Jane and Lance - I have to differ in being a staunch monarchist but I am glad you joined in what I think is relatively harmless fun after one of these events.

  7. Joan Rivers said Princess Eugenie's dress looked like it was made by enchanted mice and birds using bits of fabric found around the palace (using a Cinderella reference). Ms Tompkinson breaks the Number One Wedding Guest Rule in attempting to attract fashion attention away from the bride. I thought the Duchess of Cornwall looked the best she ever has.

  8. When I saw Beatrice and Eugenie I was reminded of Cinderella's wicked stepsisters. But as an American I always appreciate English eccentricity.

  9. For some reason, I wasn't able to catch the entrance of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie as they emerged on the television broadcast, so had to rely on someone like Rose C'est La Vie to have it forever branded in my mind's eye like as the utmost in grotesquerie. Knowing of Lady West's deep distrust of Philip Treacy (and her frequent references to him as 'the antichrist of milliners') I found myself paying special attention to his creations as they filled the Abbey. Thoughts of poor departed Isabella
    Blow made me wonder whether eccentricity can be marketed, or if that
    concept isn't in fact a contradiction in terms. Isabella Blow was an original, she pulled off those theatrics, but when you plop those arty
    chapeaux on top of the heads of philistine princesses and the average
    well heeled matron, everything gets called into question.

  10. I think Beatrice looks like 1: Andrew in drag and 2: as if she ran through the back end of a highly ornamented wall and came out the worst with this head ornament stuck on her head.

  11. Anonymous - oh how I wish I had been able to watch Joan Rivers commentating. Actually, Tara P Tomkinson was probably trying to divert attention away from her new nose, replacing the original ravaged by coke. True apparently.

    Kendra, I think to call the two princesses english eccentrics is to give them the benefit of the doubt?

    Toby Worthington - what a excellent comment, thank you. I absolutely agree with you that eccentricity can't be marketed. I have always thought that Philip Treacy is responsible for a whole generation of super-annuated chorus girls sitting in pews at weddings.

    Home - ouch! And No 2. - I love that cartoon scenario. Seriously what must it do to the confidence of one so young to get an almost universal thumbs down in the media?

  12. How do these hats adhere to the heads???

  13. Those girls look like they might have used some sensible motherly advice - but lord knows they haven't access to that! I thought the women who attend the wedding looked like fools - including Victoria Beckham (her shoes were ridiculous). With the exception of the immediate wedding party there wasn't a flicker of good taste, elegance or beauty. Too much makeup, stupid shoes, silly hats and bad colours. Here the bride makes a statement for British fashion and everyone else blows it. Shame on the lot of 'em.

  14. Leave it to a commoner, the new Duchess of Cambridge, to show off the royals. She was the only one in the group to appear beautifully and appropriately dressed for the occasion. That family is in sore need of new common blood, at least as fashion is concerned!

    I also thought it was a shame to see Beatrice's dress upstaged by that awful hat. I would have given anything to see Valentino's face when he tuned in. Hope he was lying down.

  15. The only thing I'm going to call you is extremely amusing.

    I've been wondering for some little while, as much as I wonder about such things, if the whole Philip Treacy thing wasn't getting a bit out of hand, as it were.

    'Cretan fertility goddess started the laughter, it went out of control with 'Farrow and Ball paint chart'...well, the tears have just stopped running down my cheeks.

  16. Tea or Wine - I have been puzzling about how the hats stick myself. magnets?!

    L'age Moyen - that's the ticket! I hope you feel better for that; but - judging from your blog - your opinions mustn't be taken lightly. I enjoyed them.

    lindaraxa - I agree with you. There's a style fault that runs down the middle of the family it seems and the men are generally on the correct side of it (with the aid of Saville Row tailoring). I have always thought that Princess Anne was dressed by an upholsterer. Oh hush my mouth because I am a confessed royalist.

    DED - oh thank you! You do tend to laugh easily, old thing, but it's terribly gratifying.

  17. I am confused what makes "fascinators" all the rage, and why Treacy is so lionized. I thought these women looked idiotic, and in thess case, that the princesses had no clothes (nor did they have hats). Reggie

  18. Reggie, thanks for joining in the debate and your variation of the emperor's new clothes. Cheeky little growths coming out of the side of women's heads have evolved into satellite dishes and now into something even more ludicrous. It's depressing. I am not sure if Treacy or Valentino made Princess Beatrice's headpiece. Not a very thoughtful thing to do a young woman methinks.

  19. These things have a purpose, and we should strive to avoid diminishing them:

  20. rurritable, a droll image thank you. I think people will be amused so go and have a look at this link.

  21. Dear Rose, wouldn't Joan Rivers doing the commentary have been fabulous!!

    I agree with you, love the Valentino but Bea's hat is too much for her. Not helped by the heavily applied black eyeliner and unaturally white teeth. Poor Eugenie has it wrong on every count.

    Tara was definitely trying to hide her nose. Apparently she's having it done again.

    Hope you're well and enjoying sun, long may it stay! xx

  22. Christina - you must know: what is it with the black eyeliner at the mo?!


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