Thursday, 3 March 2011

GUSOV - The Gestalt

The interest I declare in these images is that the photographer Sasha Gusov happens to be an acquaintance of mine and kindly sent me his two books Belarus - Terra Incognita and Locusts *.  But also that I love the way he juxtaposes them on facing pages.  The sum becomes even greater than the parts.

I suppose that like any great photographer he finds the remarkable in the every day.

He is playful 

without being cynical 

  always witty 

often trenchant

Any diminution in the quality of the image is definitely my fault in the scanning.  Gusov will be wincing - he will have to forgive me.

*The black + white photographs are from Locusts pub. Thames & Hudson 2008; the coloured from Belarus pub. by Sasha Gusov in association with Hurtwood Press.


  1. I agree - wonderfully provocative because of their juxtaposition.

  2. Columnist - you nailed it! Thank you.

  3. JUST TO SAY... I am going away for a week and wasn't thinking of looking at a computer so I may not be able to publish any comments for a while!

  4. wonderful. I love juxtaposing!

  5. hey Michiel, thank you. I have managed to use Alan's laptop to get at my blog whilst I'm away in Juan Les Pins.


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